About Artist

Thanks for visiting this site!  The purpose of this site is to combine my passion in cartooning and my interest in web design to help bring exposure to the Bernie Sanders campaign as well as to bring some humor to the 2016 race.  I’m hoping that this could help generate some interest in younger voters, who are a notoriously low voting block.  Without young people actively participating in the democratic process, often our interests and needs are ignored.  Let’s change that!

About Me:

I’ve been drawing cartoons and caricatures since I was a little kid.  I was a theme park caricature artist for over 6 years.  I’ve drawn cartoons and caricatures for local newspapers, college papers, logos, postcards, and websites and have worked many events including weddings, sweet sixteens, carnivals and backyard parties.

I went to school for marketing and have worked in online marketing since.  With my experience in online marketing I’ve been exposed to coding and web design and have decided to pursue that interest even further.